"guitARTist": (N) a person who plays the guitar in such a manner as to attempt to create music beyond the usual creation of harmony and melody with the goal of using the guitar as a painter would use paint, i.e. to create soundscapes that speak without words.

When David was two years old he began to take an interest in music when his grandfather made him a banjo. The guitar came into focus later when at age eleven David switched to six strings from cello due to the influence of two

guitar playing uncles and the Beatles. In the course of the years that followed

David has explored various musical genres including rock, blues, jazz, classical

Having lived in Vienna, Austria for twelve years and performed in over twenty nations, David now resides in Colorado and is active as a solo musician singing and playing original music, as leader of the blues-based band, Davey and the Blu Dog, and as a Christian worship facilitator.

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