This CD was really intended to just be given to our family, kind of like a scrap book for the grandkids to look at some day. So the nature of the music is very personal, and yet as the project developed I had the sense that this ought to be shared to a wider audience at some level. The bottom line of the story is that we met randomly at a high school football game, and here we are happily married fourty-five years later. What a mysterious and amazing thing.

When you listen to this think of it like looking at a photo album with snapshots from a sequence of time. This collection of songs were written for Lisa or about our shared life over a span of about fourty-five years. We met in 1971 and this record will be done in 2016. The songs trace the story chronologically and also follow my musical interests and instruments I played as time passed. I tried to capture the feeling and flavor of the songs in the time period during which they were written. That has been interesting to try to do and has meant keeping some musical nuances that I would normally tend to update and change - especially in the song “Today” - but my purpose here is not to be up to date and trendy. There is more country music on this record than I would have ever thought to record, but I have been into all of these musical styles at one time or another.

The whole idea was inspired by celebrating our 40th anniversary on June 28th of 2015. We visited significant places in Boulder, Colorado, where we met and began to build a future. The memories that were awakened led me to thinking about all of the songs that were inspired by simply living life together. Lisa and I want to leave this as a legacy and testimony first and foremost to our family, but also to our post-modern world, that marriage and faith can last.

Unfamiliar Road

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